JoyTutor business financial planning class_

Are you in the dark about your business finances? Are you unsure of what to charge for your product or service? Do you know your net profit after total expenses? Is your side hustle earning less or more than your day job?


Answer these questions by creating a business financial plan in this step-by-step business financial planning class with JoyTutor.

Do you need to know how much funding your business needs to apply for financing? Do you need an income statement, balance sheet, and sales forecast to submit for a business loan? 

We’ll hold your hand while holding you accountable, and you’ll complete this program feeling relieved, confident, and ready to move forward with your business objectives.

Weekly curriculum:

Week 1: Expenses and technology/marketing budget 
Week 2: Staff budget and professional services
Week 3: Capital expenses and inventory
Week 4: Price setting and sales projections 
Week 5: Capital investments and Income statement
Week 6: Cash flow, balance sheet, break-even, and financial ratios

Client: Sunni, The Laundry Suite


In October 2020, Sunni, the founder of The Laundry Suite, was the winner of JoyTutor's Entrepreneur Development Program. Sunni had already completed the requirements to start her business but was blocked and unable to create the business financial plan. Sunni's business plan would sit on the shelf for two years.


After attending the JoyTutor Business Financial Planning class, Sunni now has a business financial plan and is currently in the SBA loan process. Sunni is targeting the grand opening for her business, The Laundry Suite, in Q4 2021.