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Interview Prep Instructions

To ensure the interview goes smoothly, here are a few tips and suggestions:


  • If you have one, please use a podcasting microphone for this interview. If you don't, please use a set of earbuds similar to those with your smartphone. They provide higher quality sound than your computer's native microphone.

  • Please be in a quiet room for the interview where you're not likely to be interrupted. Ideally, this is not a conference room or other large space with many hard, flat surfaces. These create more echo and reverb than a smaller space with things like a couch or other soft surfaces.

  • Please set your cell phone on do not disturb or turn it off. This will prevent text and ringing sounds in the background of the interview. 

  • Please silence notifications on your computer and/or tablet.

  • To avoid a low charge and a disruptive power down, please plug the charger into the device you will use during the interview.

  • For comfort, grab a drink and place it nearby for easy access during the recording.  

  • Please use the restroom just before the interview to prevent interruptions during the recording.

  • During the recording, please refrain from tapping on hard surfaces (ie. desk, keyboard, etc). The tapping or thumping sound interferes with your statements, therefore making it distracting and difficult for listeners to hear and follow your discussion. 

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