Join us on this luxury getaway to renew and recharge your batteries, spend the night in a luxury Caribbean hotel and visit local treasures.


by JoyTutor

JoyTutor provides memorable trips for women from all walks of life who need a break from their busy, hectic lives and have a desire for joy and peace. Our trips include personalized girl trips, tours, educational retreats, and exploratory trips. Create new, lifelong connections, and embark on breathtaking adventures to unique destinations and enhance your knowledge of different cultures.

"I returned from the

Paris, France Girls Trip feeling renewed and ready to take on the world!"

~ Vivian W.

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New York City Girls Trip

April, 2020

Sunsets of the Manhattan skyline, beautiful architecture filled with rich, historical history, and food from every part of the world, it’s truly a destination like no other.  Can you picture yourself there already?

Curacao Island Tour

May, 2020

Join us on an exploratory, adventurous tour of the beautiful island, Curacao. Enjoy luxurious accommodations and breathtaking experiences while making new travel friends. Invest in a much-needed getaway and renew your mind!

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