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JoAnnna Williams

Founder, JoyTutor

Personal and Business Development

Breaking through significant barriers and setting a new standard for herself and her family, JoAnna Williams transformed her life from the inside out. JoAnna healed from trauma and generational karma and relaunched her podcast (JoyTutor). 


With strength and perseverance, JoAnna changed her life and is now helping others to change the course of theirs through her business, JoyTutor. Offering entrepreneur development services, JoAnna helps individuals’ set up a business and develop a business plan. JoAnna also provides personal development services and assists individuals with taking actionable steps towards their goals and dreams.

Azizah McEntire

Founder, Healing On Us

Co-author, From Hurting to Healing 

Azizah McEntire is the founder of a not-for-profit organization: Azizah Love Loves. Initially launched as a weekly podcast that empowers domestic violence and sexual assault victims, the Azizah Love Loves brand has expanded its reach by providing summits and events that enable women to heal holistically. The guiding principle - you are worthy of a love that loves! Walking the walk, Azizah left her corporate career and launched her own therapy practice, Healing On Us, and co-authored her first book, From Hurting to Healing.

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JoyTutor Celebrations of Courage.jpg

Tamara Knighten

Founder, Tamara Knighten Ent.

Author of Dashing and Confident and Burned But Not Broken

If beauty for ashes was a person, it would be Tamara. Through healing and releasing years of pain, Tamara unlocked  own her courageous superpowers and came back  "healed, happy and whole."  As a result, Tamara Knighten Enterprises, was created, helping entrepreneurs heal, teaching aspiring podcasters how to launch, and encouraging storytellers to write. Tamara's mission is to help every entrepreneur release their pain, unlock their superpowers, and activate their businesses. Tamara's tribe finds daily inspiration from her podcast, The Inspiration Station, and spice things up a little in her Spicy Knight Ryders Facebook group. 

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