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Breathwork to Break Through: Taylor Carruthers on Healing and Entrepreneurship

Updated: May 28

In the latest episode of the JoyTutor podcast, we had the pleasure of hosting Taylor Carruthers, a multifaceted entrepreneur whose journey through breathwork, theta healing, and launching her own business, Metanoia Innovative Solutions, offers a profound insight into personal growth, healing, and embracing one’s true path. 

JoyTutor Podcast Taylor Carruthers Entrepreneurship
Taylor Carruthers, founder of Metanoia Innovative Solutions,.

The Journey into Breathwork

Taylor's introduction to breathwork marked a pivotal moment in her life, revealing the power of intentional breathing to bypass the mind and tap into the subconscious. Breathwork, as Taylor describes, is more than an ancient practice; it's a gateway to releasing trauma, accessing untapped emotions, and radically changing one's life. Her firsthand experience with the transformative effects of breathwork inspired her to become a practitioner, aiming to bring the practice to a wider audience and make it more accessible to those who need it the most.

Diving Deeper with Theta Healing and Reiki

Beyond breathwork, Taylor’s exploration into theta healing and her journey toward becoming a Reiki master showcase her commitment to embracing and sharing holistic healing methods. Theta healing, for Taylor, is about connecting to higher consciousness to initiate deep, generational healing—a practice she's passionate about personally and professionally.

The Path to Entrepreneurship

Taylor's venture into entrepreneurship is nothing short of inspirational. Metanoia Innovative Solutions embodies her vision to create impactful, accessible healing practices. Her business is a testament to her dedication to breaking generational curses and establishing a legacy of wellness and empowerment. Taylor openly shares the trials and lessons learned on her path, from confronting imposter syndrome to recognizing the importance of investing in oneself.

Empowerment through Education and Healing

What sets Taylor apart is her unwavering commitment to growing her business and supporting others on their journeys. Her coaching program, Inception, is designed to empower individuals dealing with compassion fatigue, helping them rediscover their purpose and embrace self-care deeply.

A Welcome to Transformation

Taylor’s story is a powerful reminder of the incredible transformations possible when we open ourselves up to new healing modalities and take bold steps toward our dreams. Her work in breathwork, theta healing, Reiki, and entrepreneurial endeavors is paving the way for a new understanding of what it means to heal and thrive.

Joining Taylor’s Journey

Taylor Carruthers and Metanoia Innovative Solutions offer a beacon of hope and transformation for anyone interested in exploring breathwork, theta healing, or seeking entrepreneurial inspiration. Her journey is a testament to the power of healing, the strength found in vulnerability, and the infinite possibilities that unfold when we dare to follow our hearts.

To learn more about Taylor Carruthers’ work or to inquire about her services, you can reach out via Instagram, Facebook at Metanoia Innovative Solutions or directly through her website. Taylor’s story is more than just an interview; it’s an invitation to embrace growth, healing, and the endless possibilities within us.


Taylor Carruthers' journey is a vivid reminder that the path to self-discovery and entrepreneurship is intertwined with our willingness to confront and heal our deepest wounds. Her dedication to making ancient healing practices approachable and relevant in the modern world is admirable and deeply needed.


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