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"How to Take Your Power Back and Embrace Your Authentic Self"

You can't please everyone. Sacrificing your inner peace and happiness won't make it any better. Take your power back and create the life of your dreams by being your authentic self and speak your truth - live out loud in your joy!

A courageous woman who took her power back - JoyTutor
How to Take Your Power Back and Embrace Your Authentic Self

Have you ever held back your opinion or preference to keep the peace, avoid confrontation, or because you did not have the mental strength to address a potential conflict? Do you have desires or dreams that you're afraid to share or pursue? Think of your thoughts as airplanes and your voice and actions are the gates at an airport. If you never voice your opinion or speak up for what you desire, your thoughts are like airplanes flying aimlessly without ever reaching a destination. Not speaking your truth can lead to feeling resentful, overwhelmed, and unhappy.

Stop Sacrificing

“Do you ever change your mind based on what others would say or how others would react? Over time, such internal sacrifices can lead to feeling resentful. The truth is, they are unaware of such sacrifice, which can also cause great confusion and a break down in communication. ”

Putting others before your needs can lead to a lack of balance and inner peace. Every sacrifice comes with the low hanging fruit of resentment and bitterness — practice self-love by taking your power back and speak your truth. Never sacrifice self-care to accommodate others, and you will create a happier, balanced life.

You Do Not Need The Approval Of Others

You're going to upset a few people or lose a few relationships when speaking your truth. Unfortunately, this is part of the process. However, self-care is of highest priority. You do not need anyone's approval to live a healthy life, both emotionally and mentally. Do not allow anyone to threaten you with the loss of a relationship over your needs. Every time you voice your honest perspective or preference, you are demonstrating self-love.

Take Your Power Back

Be authentic, speak up, and create the life you want. "

If you give the desires of your heart a voice, you will be empowered to be your authentic self. Release the fear of conflict or not being accepted. You are worth the fight. Only you can set yourself free, so let your personality shine through speaking your truth. Prepare in advance for situations that you know will be difficult to express your position or needs. Stay focused and determined to immediately address and resolve any cases that do not support your honest opinion or view. No matter the type of situation, one thing is for sure - speaking your truth provides freedom from feeling regret and resentment.

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