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Self-Love: How Full Is Your Cup?

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

The stressful demands of work, family, and life can overshadow and take priority over self-care, both mentally and physically. Investing time in self-love can reduce stress and provide peace and balance. Get back to what's most important, You—you are only as good to those around you as you are to yourself.

Have you ever planned a day filled with healthy eating, meditation, writing in your planner or journal, working out at the gym, and closing the day with a good book or a restful 8 hours of sleep? Do you need a self-care day of deep conditioning your hair, waxing the unwanted facial and leg hair, an exfoliating facial mask, or pedicure? Or, are you too mentally drained to spend an hour on the business of your dreams because you're too busy being everything to everyone else? Too often, we brush off what our instincts and body are telling us we need to find peace and balance, both mentally and physically. Neglecting your self-care needs breaks down your self-esteem, blocks your creativity, and stifles your personal growth. Self-care is the foundation of #self-love.

Add Yourself To Your Calendar

“ Be proactive, disciplined, and protective of your self-care. You are fully entitled to it, and you deserve it. ”

The demands of a busy, hectic life can easily lead to pushing #self-care needs to the bottom of the list. Addressing the demands of others and work obligations can feel unavoidable—take your power back. Caring for your physical and emotional needs is your most and highest priority. A daily, weekly, monthly routine of self-care can balance your mental and physical life. Change your life by changing your routine and add yourself to your schedule. Block off one hour, or two, during a time of day (lunchtime, early morning, or late evening) when you have the least amount of distractions.

Stop Saying You Don't Have Time

You told yourself you would only watch one episode of The Good Girls or only spend an hour on #Pinterest or #Instagram. Two hours later, you've read the latest tea on celebrities and laughed out loud at funny memes sent by family and friends, which adds nothing to your goals. It's so easy to say we do not have time to work out, meal prep a healthy for lunch, do yoga, meditate, etc. The truth is, we do have time. We're just not being honest with ourselves. We do not want to give up what feels comfortable and easy. Do not allow unhealthy habits to block you from living a more fruitful, happier life. Move the needle closer towards your weight loss goals, studying for an exam, or growing your business by replacing bad habits with life-changing action.

Start Today, Not Tomorrow

You've sacrificed too much to delay any form or act of self-love.”

The spreadsheet or planner you just bought is loaded up with your self-care plan and tasks to achieve your personal growth goals —your new schedule is ready for execution. But you decide to start tomorrow? Start now with one item on your list. For 30 minutes, put your phone on do not disturb and complete a task that will improve your quality of health or move you closer to making your dreams a reality. Stop wishing and start doing. Trust me, the demands of work, family, and friends will still be there waiting. What do you have to lose or gain by starting now, at this very moment? Do not delay what we can do today until tomorrow. Life is a gift. A gift of the current moment to restore, refresh and enjoy who we are.

Love Yourself The Way You Want Others To Love You

If you aren't willing to invest time into yourself, how can you expect and hold others accountable to do so as well? The most important relationship you have is the one you have with yourself. Pour time back into yourself to restore and repair your mind, body, and soul. When you are in love with yourself, no situation or person can break down your #self-esteem and #self-worth. Maintain personal development and balance through the gift of #self-love — invest time to restore your energy and inner peace.

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