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JoyTutor is a community and a gathering of courageous trailblazers who inspire and empower like-minded individuals to overcome obstacles and fearlessly pursue their biggest dreams.

As we embark on our personal and business growth journeys, we make sure to live in the present moment and appreciate the beauty of life. This is why we provide business development services and organize various networking events, conferences, and award ceremonies to unite our community and celebrate our accomplishments.

Through these gatherings, we create a supportive and inspiring environment where individuals can connect, learn from each other, and uplift one another on their paths to success. JoyTutor is more than just a community - it is a movement of empowerment and encouragement where each member plays a vital role in helping others realize their full potential.


JoyTutor Business Development Service & Podcast



Founder, The Cultured ExBeerience 

Vivian Ward

Vivian, is a wife and a mom who loves a good craft beer and turned her passion into The Cultured Exbeerience! After attending several beer tasting events, Vivian began to host them in my home. Each time, Vivian was met with disappointment when she could not find any Black-owned beers from the area distributors. Thus, the dream began of hosting beer tasting events to highlight those breweries.  Vivian's family and friends have helped make this dream a movement.

The Cultured Exbeerience mission is a simplistic one.  Love of the craft. Love of the people. We strive to support Black-owned breweries and other small/micro/nano breweries by creating a craft beer tasting experience that fosters respect, inclusion, empowerment and love.  Drink the good beer and fight the good fight!

Vivian Ward: JoyTutor Celebrations of Courage Honoree

We Offer Business Development on Many Levels...






Start Up

Partner with a business developer to strategize and successfully manage your goals to completion.

Get organized and clear on how to move forward

with your business.

Learn how to file for LLC/Corp or S-Corp, apply for an EIN, set up a business email address and more.

JoyTutor Business Development Service & Podcast
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